Hola Chicas!

We hope you are all doing AMAZING and are safe and healthy! It seems like since the start of the year, so many things have happened in such a short amount of time. We'd be lying to you if we said we are 100% okay, because we are not, and that's okay. It's okay not to be okay, it's okay to feel fear, to feel sad, to just feel in general, IT IS OKAY! You are human and trying to avoid those feelings won't really solve anything. Instead, try embracing these emotions, try grasping these emotions and hugging them with love. 

As we ride through all of this uncertainty, one thing that has definitely allowed us to feel and stay grounded is treating ourselves to one self care act a day. Each day we spare some time for ourselves. We make it a priority to set aside a few minutes or hours out of the day for some self love and self care. Self care can be done in so many ways and we are listing five of our favorites below. 

1. Morning/Nighttime Meditation 

Honestly, meditation used to seem to us like it was something only people who had their SH** together can do! Boy were we wrong! People meditate to keep their composure lol but on a serious note, meditation is truly such a great way to recenter your self, your thoughts, emotions, etc. But in order for it to be effective, you must commit to finding a the coziest spot in your home where you can just sit, turn on some meditation music and just really relax and let go of everything that's burdening you. Allow yourself and your mind to be drifted away along with the flow of the meditation music. Create a mantra and repeat it throughout your meditation session. Our favorite meditation album is on Spotify. Heres the link in case you'd like to take a peak at it. 




2. Spa Days

You don't need to go out to a spa to enjoy some facials and a hot bath. You can run the water at home, and throw on a face mask accompanied with a side of your favorite glass of wine and whatever else you'd like to add. We love using spa time at home to get a little reading done. One of our favorite local vendors who offers bath bombs is Pellelulu. Check them out for some awesome skincare products. https://bit.ly/39MBQkE



3. Coffee + Tea Time

One of our favorite ways to practice self care is waking up a few minutes earlier before anyone else at home and make a cup of our favorite Chai Tea. Making our favorite cup of Chai Tea became a million times better when we purchased this $13 frother from Amazon (https://amzn.to/2X3T7D3)! It's like you're an instant Barista with this thing because it whips up your lattes so perfectly and creates that nice foam on top. But aside from whipping up a killer Chai Tea Latte, after its made, we enjoy sitting in our patio and just enjoy our own company.   



4. Indulge 

Indulge in some snacks and don't count the calories and don't share with anyone lol! You deserve to enjoy a snack to yourself without having to worry about calories or sharing. Sharing just comes naturally, but its okay to be a little selfish sometimes and keep that ice cream to yourself. Indulge in some TV time! Binge watch a new soap opera or movie! You deserve it!



5. Throw on a cute outfit 

Just because you can't go out doesn't mean you can't look cute at home. We get dressed up on the holidays to look fly in our living room so why can't we do the same now!? Looking good and feeling good is something you should always do for yourself. We don't know about y'all but personally for us, being in PJS is great and all, but being in them everyday just makes us feel like the days are dragging. PJS make us feel tired because essentially you wear PJS to go to sleep so if you have them on all day, chances are, you're going to be in that sluggish mood all day. SO throw on your best outfit and dance like no one is watching. You can also make something at home, whether it be a date night in your patio under the stars, or a girls night with your besties via FaceTime, but remember, the only person you need to look cute for is yourself, so do it for you! If you want to look cute and be comfy, we've got the perfect cozy at home essentials on sale! Shop today https://bit.ly/2xMdU3k


Above all, give yourself the time of day to nourish yourself. You deserve self love and self care so make sure your giving yourself some every single day! We hope you enjoy these self care tips, but enough about our self care tips! We challenge you to share your daily self care in two ways (see below) and encourage others to share theirs!  Share, Share, Share!

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