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Self acceptance and self love has different meanings to everyone because we all struggle in different ways. Some of us have had a hard time accepting how we look, who we are, where we come from, our past, and so much more. This is why this campaign is so important to us! We wanted to give you all a chance to share your story, reflect on how far you’ve come and if you’re still on your journey towards self acceptance. We want everyone’s stories to encourage you to continue your journey and inspire you to create your own, but most importantly we want you to know you have a community behind you rooting for you. Self acceptance and self love is so much deeper than what it appears, it’s not easy to dig deep into your fears, face them,and embrace them. Regardless of the stage you are at in your self acceptance journey, we hope to see you rocking your AIM Tee proudly! .


10% of the sales generated from this campaign will go to different organization/charities chosen by the amazing influencers we have had the pleasure of working with. We have listed the different organizations each influencer chose down below. If you chose to donate to one in particular, please use there discount code as this is how we will be tracking how much each organization generates. By using the discount code, you are also receiving $5 off your purchase.



1. Organization: Jack & Jill Of America


2. Organization: United We Dream


3. Organization: The Innocent Project


4. Organization: Zoe Children's Home


5. Organization: Allstate Foundation


6. Organization: ACLU